Went to Dr. Irv, as I like to refer to him, about a year ago when I had hurt my back doing some work in the yard. I was in a lot of pain not only in my back but running down my legs causing my feet to feel numb. I went for the consultation and he explained to me how the whole process would work. He never misled me that this would be an instant fix, he explained that it was a process and improves over time. I am still seeing Dr. Irv to this day. Not only has he eliminated my back pain and numb feet he continues to make me feel stronger with each visit. I consider Dr. Irv not only a chiropractor but also some what of a life coach as well, always willing to listen and offer little antidotes to Life’s mysteries.

Laurence B.

Doctor Silverstein is very patient and professional! I started my treatment like a year ago in his office, and I was so surprised that my posture is changed in really good way, now my shoulders looks amazing and straight! Just realized I need to be more organized and do exercise and Strength my posture and back Muscles!

Aliya L.

Dr. Silverstein has been very instrumental in keeping my physical well being at a high level. His treatments have helped enable me to continue my physical exercise regimen and outdoor lifestyle into my mid-60’s. He has provided me with exercises and stretches to help maintain my physical health. He was very instrumental in resolving my plantar fasciitis in 2020, with no reoccurrence. He is warm, friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Irv.

John P.

When I first met Dr. Irv Silverstein, I couldn’t sit, stand or lay for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. I was in agony and it was all due to sciatica. After Dr. Irv (as I and my family call him) assessed my condition and performed x-rays to confirm the diagnosis, we set up an adjustment regimen that took a few weeks. I was totally pain free by the end of two months. I got my life back! This convinced my wife to check out the benefits of Chiropractic from Dr. Irv and she’s been a believer like me for 15 years thanks Dr. Irv – You are the best!

John N.

I have been adjusted by Dr Irv for over 20 years. He is flexible in my scheduling, friendly, caring and reasonable in price. I am a PT, and my back gets mis-aligned with the physical stress of my work. I couldn’t keep doing what I do without my weekly adjustments. Thanks for all you do!

Cheri W.

Dr. Silverstein received the highest praise for me. He has been my chiropractor for many years and as a fellow chiropractor I can assure you he is a chiropractors chiropractor. His wonderful demeanor and bedside manner add to his exceptionally effective adjusting… Never harsh never too light. He’s my choice for the tri-state area.

Pete P.

At first I was a nonbeliever about the benefits of Chiropractic, now I believe that I am healthier because of it. I don’t get sick like other people, I recover better from a work out (or extra yardwork) and I move better than some people half my age. I look forward each week to see Dr. Irv Silverstein for my adjustment. His caring about my health and the health of my husband so we can live healthier and pain free is why we come back every time and will continue to do so.

Martie N.

Dr. Silverstein helped me adjust my back and my neck to posture I didn’t know I could have. He is both a caring and informed practitioner. Dr. Silverstein is great for people who have no experience with chiropractic services.

Patrick J.

I started seeing Dr Silverstein because I run half marathons and was experiencing a lot of pain while running. In 3 months time Dr Silverstein alleviated my sciatic nerve pain and the numbness in my feet, my 1 mile time went from 9:33 minutes to 7:31 minutes and my average pace for long distance dropped over 1 minute. Needless to say i am very happy with the services provided. I highly recommend this chiropractor for any athlete.

Catherine V.

Dr Silverstein been an amazing Chiropractic. Since day one, he make us felt like family, my husband and my 3 year old son, has help them so much. To not only take the pain away, but also to feel good about themselves. Specially my husband. Thank you Dr Silverstein for all your help and support. We are so thankful for finding you in our worst moments. Ps. Kids don’t even noticed that he is helping their backs. He plays with them and make them feel like a game.

Yendry U.

I absolutely love Dr Silverstein! Chiropractic care is more than just care for your back, it treats the whole body! Best decision I’ve ever made to start seeing Silverstein Family Chiropractic and I recommend to everyone they check it out.

Meghann P.

Great chiropractic office, as someone who needs their body on top shape it is and has been a tremendous help, I definitely would recommend to anyone.

Keyon W.
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